MTHFR, Methylation and Epigenetics

Epigenetics looks at how environmental impacts affect gene expression and disease susceptibility and may be playing a part in your mental, physical and hormonal health.

MTHFR is one of thousands of genes gaining attention in relation to fertility, mental health and cardiovascular risk.

The gene’s sole responsibility is to metabolise folate. However, it also interacts with other genes, ultimately having a knock-on effect on gene and enzyme function throughout the body which may impact overall health.

Read more about epigenetics, methylation and the MTHFR gene below:


MTHFR Consults

I no longer offer 23andme report analysis consults. However, I am always happy to discuss your general MTHFR status, relevant snps if known or offer information and education within your consult to help you understand methylation and how your genes may be impacting your current health status.

Where can I find more information?

For my money, head straight to Dr Ben Lynch’s site or take a look at the multiple free video links on YouTube:


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