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Links n’ Likes

…aka tried and tested favourite naturopathic links + resources

Click on the links below and get to know these inspirational people, their blogs and/or their literary gems.


Blogs and Websites

Kelly Brogan • Vital Mind Reset
Holistic, board-certified psychiatrist, treating moods without medications

Lara Briden • The Healthy Hormone Blog
Naturopathic Doctor on a Quest for Truth

Sisterhood Network

Sue Muller • Smile Chickie
Online nest for women who want more


Dani Van de Velde • The Meditation Teacher
Meditation, shamanism, new moon lodges, women’s wisdom

Mindbody/Energetic Practitioners

Claire Tait • Holistic Kinesiology
Holistic Kinesiologist


Michelle Marie McGrath • Sacred Self
Director + Lovepreneur of divine sacred oils, self-love cards + bespoke natural, organic perfumes

Sports Nutrition/Naturopathy

Dina Friedman • The Fitness Naturopath
Once a personal trainer, now passionate about helping athletes maintain immune function, fitness and weight management.

Kira Sutherland • Uber Health
Sports Nutritionist, Naturopath, Medical Astrologer, Health Educator, Presenter and Writer. Works with Olympians. Basically an all-round genius.


Healthy Eating Books

Supercharged Foods • Lee Holmes

Mindbody/Spiritual Books

Bodymind • Ken Dychtwald

The Pathwork of Self-Transformation • Eva Pierrakos

The Power of Focusing • Ann Weier Cornell

When the Body Says No • Dr Gabor Mate

Women’s Hormone Health Books

The Period Repair Manual (2nd Ed.) • Dr. Lara Briden

Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom • Christiane Northrup, M.D.

Women’s Hormones & The Menstrual Cycle • Ruth Trickey