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Do Business Like A Woman – SOLD OUT

June 2015 – South Melbourne
Wednesday 17 June 2015, 10am – 3pm


You’ve broken out and are living in a new paradigm of the female entrepreneur.

  • You may have escaped from a male-dominated corporate career where you had learnt to play it with the big boys by operating in a way that made you feel uneasy and inauthentic.
  • Or you may have come from an equally taxing, more nurturing role where you felt burnt out, taken for granted and exhausted.
  • You know you want to do business your way – to put your unique offering out into the world – but you’re lost in a cycle of procrastination and “stuckness.”
  • You’re unable to make targeted, meaningful business decisions or even get clarity on your direction. More often than not, you are left feeling anxious, tired, emotional and stretched to your limit.
  • You desire big results and deep down you know big changes are needed, but there is way too much going on right now. There are so many people, tasks and deadlines all demanding your attention, that you’re struggling to tread water, let alone rise above it.
  • Self-doubt has crept in. You’re not even sure you can do this anymore.
  • But you know in your heart of hearts you’re here to make a difference. You just need to be shown a way to balance your kick-arse offering without falling prey to overwhelm and burnout.


As women we are uniquely gifted to work with both intuitive and pragmatic decision-making processes; with both dynamic and contemplative energy flows.

When we learn to Do Business Like A Woman we open up to an entirely new flow of clarity, abundance and success.

When we learn the right mental strategies and the right physical support for our bodies as women, we become multitasking geniuses that can tap into the energy of our bodies and adjust our sails to get the right task done at the right time for maximum business benefit.


  1. How to work with your cycle for supreme energy and productivity
  2. A useful technique to get you instantly connected to your body’s messages, guidance and wisdom (you might just be surprised what it has to say)
  3. Herbs and nutrients that can immediately take you from crazy (overwhelm) to calm; fuzzy to focused; or fatigued to on-fire!
  4. Practical, targeted techniques to help you move from procrastination to productivity
  5. How to take action! Get clarity on the next steps for your business.

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Trudy SimmonsTrudy Simmons

As founder of The Daisy Chain Group, Trudy specializes in coaching entrepreneurs from ‘stuck’ to the next BIG level of their business.

She supports women from around the world – quickly getting to the heart of their desires for their business and their life, holding a space for them and keeping them accountable.

Her clients have gone on to launch multi-six figure programs, lead national not-for-profit movements to support vulnerable women, write their first book and up-level their business in ways they had barely dared to dream.

www.thedaisychaingroup.com.au | trudy@thedaisychaingroup.com.au


Kate PoweKate Powe (B.A, Adv. Dip. Naturopathy)

Kate is Natural Medicine Practitioner with a passion for helping women banish PMS, balance their hormones and live an empowered, impassioned life.

She runs her home-based practice on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, offers skype consults for those further afield and is a regular contributor to Violet Magazine, Yours Magazine and bodyburnonline.com

Kate’s interest lies in women’s hormonal health from a biochemical, genetic and epigenetic perspective and integrates evidence-based medicine with mindbody wisdom in the creation of wholistic health.

She currently offers a 6-month Healthy Hormone Program to restore whole-body balance and a booming hormonal cycle.

www.katepowe.com | info@katepowe.com



Lou and KateFoods for Moods – Be Your Better Woman
Friday 5 September 2014, 6pm – 9pm


In this workshop, I’ve teamed up with the incredibly talented and passionate advocate of delicious, nutritious, conscious cooking and eating, Louise Edney of Nourishing Nosh to create a 3-hour experience (including a specially designed sit-down dinner) centred around how the foods you choose impact upon your mind, your hormones and your health.

Numbers will be limited to allow for group interaction and to ensure your questions are answered.

Explore the key nutrients and foods essential to tap into the juiciness of the feminine!

Seaforth NSW – Address supplied on booking.