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Helping women move from hormonal imbalance to happiness, health and vibrancy is my passion.

Through education and awareness of your amazing endocrine system, as well as an individualised treatment protocol to suit your body, your energy and healing choices, we work together toward restoring whole-body health.

I consult with women around the world struggling with: PMS, PCOS, post-pill acne or hair loss, endometriosis, low thyroid function, peri-menopause and MTHFR/methylation issues.

By monitoring changes through pathology and the consultation process, we’re able to adjust treatment plans quickly to achieve maximum results.

Work with me via Skype from anywhere in the world.


Initial consult pack for hormonal imbalance

Initial Consult Pack | 2 x 60 min Skype Consultations | For New Clients

In our welcome session, we will go through a full health history and explore your immediate concerns. I’ll recommend and organise a referral to your GP or provide a request form for pathology if required, as well as revising supplements and offering initial dietary and lifestyle advice.

After testing has been completed (usually within 2-3 weeks), we meet for our second session and go through your Report of Findings, including explanation and interpretation of pathology and my recommended treatment plan going forward.

And then it’s your choice. You’ll have some great info to go away with and if that’s perfect for what you need now, brilliant! But if you’d like to continue to work with me through the hormonal imbalance maze, then you have the option of single or discounted-pack sessions to see you through your entire hormone health journey.

Initial Consult Pack | $340
Single 60 min Skype Consult | $180

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Continue to work with me for on-going professional naturopathic hormonal imbalance support, monitoring, mentoring and coaching via Skype for as long as you require.

I can offer assistance physically if …

  • you experience PMS, heavy or painful periods or mid-cycle pain/spotting;
  • you have endometriosis, fibroids, PCOS or a thyroid problem;
  • you feel run-down or completely exhausted and don’t know why;
  • you’ve lost your cycle after coming off the Pill or your cycle is irregular;
  • you’re concerned about acne, hair loss or facial hair;
  • you suffer bloating, digestive issues or IBS through your cycle;
  • you feel stressed, anxious, angry or depressed and need help coping;
  • you experience weight-gain, hormonal headaches and migraines; or
  • you’re not sleeping, are getting hot flushes or are peri-menopausal.

I can offer assistance mentally/emotionally if …

  • you crave balance – of your hormonal cycle, your moods and your energy;
  • you are seeking a more natural or deeper connection to your body’s innate wisdom;
  • you would like to understand your body’s signs and symptoms and have them explained to you in simple terms;
  • you want an unbiased opinion on natural vs medical options or want natural support throughout medical treatment; or
  • you would like a high-level of on-going professional support.

Follow-up Pack | 5 x 30 min Skype consults | $650*
Single 30 min follow-up Skype consult | $140

*valid for 6 months from purchase date.
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Energetic + Intuitive Readings

For those interested in mindbody medicine and the energetic impacts on your current hormonal health, I also offer intuitive guidance readings. You can find out more about them here.


Private Health Fund Rebates

All consults are via Skype unless arranged prior. There are no health fund rebates for Skype appointments.


Contact Details | 0404 120 155