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About Mindbody Medicine

Our bodies offer an incredible wisdom if we’re present enough to listen. Mindbody medicine is really the art of going inwards and listening to the messages your body communicates to you every day. It acknowledges that your thoughts create your reality and are therefore pivotal in creating or restoring your state of mental, emotional and physical health.

We are taught in Western Medicine that the body is a mechanistic series of parts. We have specialists whose entire focus is on individual ‘bits’: cardiologists, rheumatologists, gynaecologists, immunologists. And while medical science’s knowledge is a gift in our current age, it has come at a cost. We’ve lost the art of connecting to our bodies on an energetic level. We all too easily hand over our most precious possession (our health) to someone else without ever questioning, listening or trusting our own inner wisdom.

Our bodies give us constant clues as to what’s going on for us and what we consciously or unconsciously tell ourselves on a mental or emotional level can often reflect as physical manifestations in the form of disease or illness.

If we ignore our thoughts, emotions, beliefs and body’s own physical feedback systems in our quest for true wellness, we will only ever scratch the surface of what it means to be disease-free and truly able to experience radiant whole body health.

Intuitive Readings

To assist you in your mindbody exploration, I also offer intuitive guidance readings either as a standalone report or combined with a naturopathic consult or pack.

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