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About Natural Medicine

Natural medicine is more than simply a focus on diet.

Natural medicine is an holistic system of treatment based on the entirety of the person.

While the focus in any consultation is to treat your main concern, it’s never treated in total isolation from what else may be happening in your body. Because our bodies simply don’t work in isolation. We’re designed as an incredibly complex, intertwined system of cells, tissue and organs; of pressure systems and osmotically balanced fluids; of electrical currents and hormonal surges, with each cell to system connecting in an harmonious dance, keeping our entire body in balance.

Therefore, the basis of naturopathy lies in the body’s innate ability to heal itself via rebalancing the whole human system. How can we rebalance? Of course diet is an extremely important aspect of health, but the art of naturopathy also looks at specific nutritional supplementation, herbal remedies, homeopathy, iridology, exercise and lifestyle changes, energetic essences and challenging outmoded thought processes and belief structures.

Natural Medicine can assist a huge array of imbalances within the body, including allergies, gut and digestive problems, weight-management, hormonal imbalance, lowered immunity, health and fertility, fatigue, autoimmune conditions and blood sugar regulation illnesses such as metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

Additionally, naturopathic philosophy promotes the practitioner as educator, teacher or guide over someone who ‘fixes’ you with a pill. Whilst remedies are often prescribed to support your body’s own intelligence on its journey back into balance, equal importance is placed on encouraging self-awareness, self-responsibility and guidance on how you can work with your body in its healing process.

As everything in the human system is connected, your disease is not separate to you, nor is it something to be fought and conquered. Rather, it is a snapshot as to your mental, emotional and physical state in that moment and requires your active participation and shifts across all levels to uncoil and heal.

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