Intuitive Readings + Energetic Essences

Often our physical health is driven by underlying mental or emotional aspects or beliefs. These hidden aspects can sometimes sabotage our journey to wellness. Intuitive Readings offer an opportunity to uncover deeper aspects of your soul journey. They provide emotional guidance to help unlock barriers to health and facilitate your physical, mental, emotional and hormonal healing.

My Process

I use a mix of intuition, tarot, oracle, runes and Australian Bush Flower, Bach Flower and medicinal plant energy to connect with, and help unlock, subconscious issues that may be circulating within your energetic body and impacting your physical health.

I set aside a specific time to tune in with your energy. Once connected, I allow whatever tools present the strongest to come forward. The process typically includes a mixed card spread, and a photo of the layout of your reading will be provided along with a personalised energetic essence to work with.

Please note, energy readings are done remotely and you are not present for the session. Whatever arises in your energy session will be sent to you via an audio file along with your essence.

After the process is complete, you will receive an email with an audio link to Dropbox. Your recorded session may include: key themes, specific areas of focus, practical lifestyle suggestions, rituals or meditation directives and recommended energetic essences or liquid herbal extracts that can assist your current process.

An Intuitive Reading accompanied by an individual, hand-crafted energetic medicine incorporates the essences and liquid herbs uncovered in your reading. These bespoke energetic medicines, taken orally, are designed specifically for your personal healing at this point in your process.

Or for a deeper dive into your whole-body hormone health, including health history, pathology review, naturopathic guidance and supplemental support, combine a Naturopathic Consult and Intuitive Reading and receive $30 off.

Intuitive Readings

Intuitive Reading; Plus
Bespoke Energetic Medicine:
$200 (Postage additional)
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Naturopathic Skype Consult (55 min); Plus
Intuitive Reading; Plus
Bespoke Energetic Medicine:
$450 (Postage additional)
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Standard Naturopathic Consults

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