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Lovely Comments

Rita2 copyI have been working with Kate over the last three months for stress and hormone related issues. Kate has managed through her dedication, compassion and in-depth knowledge to turn my hormones around. Her consultations are thorough as she adopts a very holistic approach which I loved. Thank you Kate for everything you did to assist me in getting my health back on track. I highly recommend Kate.

Rita Panuccio | Owner Radiant Healing & Wellness


Ann MirapuriKate, Would you believe I am feeling better today! I just had to share how quickly my body seems to recover from these colds and viruses nowadays. I was so used to them being prolonged I had my mind thinking the worst this time around. You should have seen my coughs last night! Today still a few coughs but heaps, heaps better. I really think it’s all that good food and supplements and restorative gut therapy we did this year!

I realise how nice it is to have such support. You’ve been a big part of my sanity health-wise and I’m looking forward to more of your yucky great potions!

The skills I’ve learnt are life-long and I love the weight loss (4kgs all up) and now I can even have the odd glass of bubbles! I’ll keep in touch and can’t wait to “clean” the children up too.

So thank you miss Kate for helping me get my health back on track.

Ann Mirapuri | Manager, Clinical Systems & eMR Program, Northern Sydney & Central Coast Local Health Districts


MichelleI highly recommend Kate’s naturopathic advice and wisdom. Her compassionate and open manner make it easy to confide in her and she has a multi-layered approach in providing support and resolution to any issues.

Michelle Marie McGrath | Self-love Mentor



PhilWhen looking for someone to assist in the world of health and balance you need to find someone that looks after not only the symptoms but the cause and the environment that has created the initial problem. With Kate you will receive advice and support from a passionate, focused and deeply caring person. Kate has had those traits all her life, so doesn’t need to manufacture them to support her qualifications.

In Kate’s hands you will receive support from a dedicated individual that will assist you to change your world and provide you with a new way to view the world. Her passion and positivity is infectious and I am sure will be part of the experience you will receive in her caring hands.

So if you are thinking you need support to find a healthier and balanced existence you would have to look long and hard to find a better professional than Kate Powe. I am sure you will see it for your self after your first consultation.

Phil Bradstreet | Safe Financial