Time to stop the beatup

I wrote this article a few years back.

I think the incessant building work going on outside whilst I sit in front of my laptop (daytime television on in the background) has triggered a memory. One worth remembering.


As I type here at my laptop, telly on in the background on low volume, something is irking me. I mean, it’s really grating on me. And it’s grating on me more than the incessant building work that’s going on in the apartment across from me (as well as in the adjacent block … it’s not a very peaceful morning.)

I look up and see the perkiest of perky women on one of the morning shows, busting to tell me about the latest super-fast-amazingly-incredible fullness shake!! (I have to use exclamation marks to portray precisely how excitable this woman is). In fact, it’s so impressive, I’m told, it’s “JUST LIKE a LAPBAND!!!!!” (She’s really excited now.)

And as my face gazes at hers with a quizzical expression, loosely translated as “WT# are you on about woman?” it occurs to me how angry I am at this pathetic portrayal of the feminine–an apparent representative of what we, as women, are lapping up quicker than that lapband-in-a-glass.

This kind of media is constant, it’s like a dull drone (slightly louder than the dull drone of a builder’s electric drill so my research has proven*). But it’s everywhere. It’s on in the background as telecommercials, it’s on in the background as advertorials and advertisements in our magazines, it’s on in the background of our heads as we put our 11 year old daughter on a diet of grapes-only for 2 whole days so she can fit into a certain dress size (Dr Phil episode yesterday…the dangers of spending a day at home).

And so here is this woman, gabbling on about the awesomeness of “lapband-in-a-shake” to lose weight, get slim, drop dress sizes, be lovable…BAM.

Yes, that’s what the real message is. Lose weight so you can be attractive and someone will love you. Not prioritise your diet so you can be vibrant, healthy, happy, nourish your brain cells and muscle cells properly so they can perform at their optimum, but lose weight to be thin. That’s what all good advertisers know to be the feminine Achilles heel.

DietingI’m so angry at how all-pervading this message is in our society, aimed very pointedly at women. And as hard as this is to admit, I’m angry at women for lapping it up, hook line and sinker. And I’m angry that in the past, I’ve been one of them.

So it’s time we as women (and men) put a stop to this garbage. And the first step is to stop believing it. Stop buying into it. Start focusing on our health – mentally, emotionally, spiritually as well as physically – and stop thinking we are so fundamentally flawed because we have fat cells which create hips and thighs and cellulite. That is who we are ladies, don’t you think it’s about time we embraced our truth?

And then I read a most beautiful quote by Geneen Roth which said “The obsession will end when you love yourself enough to stop hurting yourself. Who doesn’t want to take care of what they love?”

Who doesn’t indeed.

*Anecdotal evidence only. No actual research has been conducted.
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