Private Consults

I consult with women around the world as an online and local / northern beaches naturopath. I’m dedicated to helping women struggling with: endometriosis, PCOS, PMS and period pain, low thyroid function, low energy or fatigue and those navigating the hormonal swings of peri-menopause.

And the best part is, I’m a local northern beaches naturopath so I can see you from my home in Freshwater, or you can work with me via Skype from anywhere in the world!


  • Initial Consult: 45 mins | AUD $200
  • First Follow-up + Extended Consults: 45 mins | AUD $200
  • Standard Follow-up: 25 mins | AUD $140
  • Mini Follow-up: 10 mins | AUD $60
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What Happens In A Consult?

In our Initial Consult, we will go through a full health history and explore your immediate concerns. I’ll recommend and organise any referrals to your GP and/or provide pathology request forms if required, as well as revising supplements and offering initial dietary and lifestyle advice.

After testing has been completed (usually within 3-6 weeks), we meet for our second session and go through your Report of Findings, including explanation and interpretation of pathology and my recommended treatment plan going forward.

For best results, longer-term support is recommended and regular follow-ups are encouraged to keep on track and monitor your ongoing progress.
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As your northern beaches naturopath, I love supporting the local community. Whether face-to-face or online, you can continue to work with me for on-going professional hormone support, mentoring and coaching for as long as you require.

I can offer assistance around the physical effects of hormonal imbalance if …

  • you experience PMS, heavy or painful periods or mid-cycle pain/spotting;
  • you have endometriosis, fibroids, PCOS or a thyroid problem;
  • you feel run-down or completely exhausted and don’t know why;
  • you’ve lost your cycle or your cycle is irregular;
  • you’re concerned about acne, hair loss or facial hair;
  • you suffer bloating, digestive issues or IBS through your cycle;
  • you feel stressed, anxious, angry or depressed and need help coping;
  • you experience weight-gain, hormonal headaches and migraines; or
  • you’re not sleeping, are getting hot flushes or are peri-menopausal.

I can offer assistance around the mental and emotional effects of hormonal imbalance if …

  • you crave balance – of your hormonal cycle, your moods and your energy;
  • you are seeking a more natural or deeper connection to your body’s innate wisdom;
  • you would like to understand your body’s signs and symptoms and have them explained to you in simple terms;
  • you want an unbiased opinion on natural vs medical options or want natural support throughout medical treatment; or
  • you would like a high-level of on-going professional support.

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DNA Testing In Clinic and Online

A new era of personalised health care | quick, easy, at-home or in-clinic testing

DNA testing allows us to “peek behind the curtain” at your genetic blueprint and see how variations in your genetic data may be playing a part in your cycle, mood, gut and overall hormone health.

Your kit comes with a an oral swab which is simply rubbed on the inside of each cheek 10 times and you’re done. A reply-paid envelope is included to mail your sample back to the lab for processing. Find out more about DNA Testing here.

Intuitive + Energetic Readings

For those interested in mindbody medicine and the energetic impacts on your current hormonal health, I also offer intuitive guidance readings. Find out more about Intuitive and Energetic Readings here.

Private Health Fund Rebates

If you are local and looking for a northern beaches naturopath for face-to-face consults, just contact me to discuss. As a general rule, all consults are via Skype unless arranged prior. There are no health fund rebates for Skype appointments.

Contact Details

Kate Powe Northern Beaches Naturopath | info@katepowe.com | 0404 120 155